Course Overview

This course has been designed to provide a technical introduction to the AnswerModules Content Script technology, the core of the AnswerModules Module Suite framework.

Once complete, students should be able to:

  • Understand the essential features of the Content Script technology.
  • Understand the way Content Script is integrated with the hosting Content Server platform, and how the two technologies work together.
  • Use Content Script for simple automation tasks within the Content Server platform.


The course's primary intended audience consists of professionals involved in the administration, management and configuration of OpenText Content Server environments. 

Students with a technical background that are familiar with the challenges involved in customizing or implementing business processes within OpenText Content Server / Content Suite / Extended ECM platforms will benefit the most from this course.

Being Content Script a scripting solution, programming experience is a plus, although not strictly necessary due to the introductory nature of the course and the level of complexity of the examples and exercises presented.


This course assumes a good familiarity and working knowledge of the OpenText Content Server / Content Suite / Extended ECM platforms.

In order to try out the provided examples and guided exercises, the student is expected to have access to a working Content Suite development environment with the AnswerModules Content Script module installed and configured.

Certain examples and features presented require administrator-level access to the system in order to be setup.

Course curriculum

    1. Objectives and target audience

    2. Before we begin...

    1. About Module Suite

    2. Introducing Content Script

    1. The Content Script Object

    2. Creating a new script

    3. Editing a script

    4. Executing a script

    5. Example: Create and run your first Content Script

    1. Using the Content Script Editor

    2. Using the code completion assistant

    3. Understanding code validation

    4. Using the Snippet Library

    5. Example: Using the Content Script Editor Snippet Library to initialize a script

    6. Accessing documentation

    1. A DSL for Content Server

    2. Basic data types and variables

    3. Code comments

    4. Basic control structures

    5. Calling methods and accessing object fields

    6. Guided Exercise: Print objects in Personal Workspace

    7. Operators

    8. Closures

    9. Guided Exercise: Using closures

    10. Error handling and logging

    11. Reserved Keywords

    1. Common execution scenarios

    2. Execution results

    3. Guided Exercise: Control the HTML output of Content Script execution

    4. Guided Exercise: Control the Script execution results to return a document

    5. Guided Exercise: Control the Script execution results to redirect navigation

    6. Guided Exercise: Control the Script execution results to output JSON data

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 4 short video examples
  • 6 guided exercises
  • 180 days enrollment duration